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12 ANGRY MEN still holds up!

Sidney Lumet, the master behind classics like Dog Day Afternoon & NETWORK is most well known for 12 Angry Men. And reasonably so. The 1957 masterpiece is just absolute perfection — the direction, simplicity + electrifying performances pull you in & refuse to let you go until your nearly out of breathe. (Total compliment) but it gets intense, especially for such a talky / dialogue based movie.

The courthouse drama is simple: 12 angry men, jury duty, murder case + flawless acting from the whole cast. Unlike anything ever attempted, breaking traditionalism / the pre-convinced notions of narrative cinema. Shattering the rules, and making a stand-alone drama that is both entertaining & intense. Hard to talk about something so critically acclaimed, because everything to be said has been said, and has probably been said better.

But either-way, still a masterclass in everything. Story-telling, writing, acting, cinematography well still maintaining a sturdy base. A landmark in cinema / drama like no other. Will leave it at that, but 12 Angry Men is a great film!


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