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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The fifth movie in The Purge saga is here, this time: accompanied by the explosion-obsessed Micheal Bay + Jason Blum. Without a doubt, this is one of the worst films of the year, seated right next to the rebooted Tom & Jerry, both lurking behind some money-hungry Hollywood executive with a load of cash in his pocket. Wish that was an over exaggeration — but when something is THIS horrendous, it really feels that way.

The Forever Purge is basically like all the other Purge movies. Explosions, blood, graphic violence topped off with little to no character development. But in this one, there is an attempted twist / attempt to change it up. It’s clear writer James Demarco & director Everardo Gout tried to add some political-commentary into the script, which is admirable to an extent. But the commentary they try to deliver gets washed up in the disgusting sadistic violence they can’t help but indulge in. And even then, they can’t seem to know what they want to say — comments on racism, immigration, fascism? It seems they tried to mix them all together, but ended up failing miserably.

The plot is all over-the-place, following two different plot-lines & barely blending them together. It’s clear that this is just another PURGE movie. Nothing special, not even a fun-time, just boring. Movies are meant to entertain, and there is nothing wrong with a fun Hollywood block-buster, where the two leads save the world / say clever one-liners. Nothing wrong with that? Popcorn movies are a load of fun. And this, at its best, could have been that. But it didn’t, taking itself too seriously with social commentary that ends up mocking itself. This is not dumb-fun, it’s just dumb. So dumb that I gave up after an hour. Maybe I over-spoke, but this sucks.

Not a good one!


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